The University of Rochester is the smallest great research university in America.” So begins the UR admissions video, which, because I have two alumni parents, I viewed in detail several times before even considering applying. To me, the “just big enough that you do not know everyone” feature was one of the major attractions of the university. UR, however, is much bigger than the nearly 4,000 undergraduates that call the River Campus home. There are four fundamental institutions that comprise this university – the College, the School of Medicine and Dentistry, the Eastman School of Music and the Simon School of Business Administration – and each is an integral part of our collegiate community. A selling point of UR has been that we are a research university that is run like a college. I question this notion, for in my eyes, there is disunion among the four schools in our university. Most of the literature put out by the administration advertises that there are ample opportunities for undergraduates to take advantage of the other schools, and for the most part, this is true. What the administration has overlooked is that allowing undergraduates to enroll in courses at Simon or offering music lessons to all undergraduates does not constitute integration. There is a lack of communication between institutions that takes away from the overall collegiate experience at UR, and this begins at the administrative level. When one of my friends pursuing a dual degree decided to change her home campus from Eastman to River Campus, she was not only considered a “transfer,” but could not successfully use her credits earned at Eastman toward a music minor at the College.I first became aware of just how distinct each school is when I ventured down to Eastman during my freshman year. I met many Eastman students that referred to the River Campus as the “U of R,” even though it is part of the same university. Furthermore, not many Eastman students are fully aware that they are welcome at student activities and programs at the River Campus. UR prides itself on providing access to knowledge in one of the most intimate learning environments available. The disunion between the various parts of our university hinders the potential for such intimacy, for learning occurs when all areas of academic and social life integrate and interact in harmony. Only with the joint efforts of all the students, faculty and administration will the four separate entities that comprise our university function as one. After all, we are small enough to do so.Sokol can be reached at

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