I tried to send Brielle Welzer this e-mail, but my message bounced back to me several times. Would you please forward this message to her. It’s a response to her recent article regarding the RTS bus routes. Thank you very much.


Hi Brielle

I’ve read your article about the RTS bus scheduling and project. I work at the university library and live in Goler House. I highly depend on the bus service to go to work every day. I am really concerned about the new bus scheduling because it causes inconvenience to my work schedule. When I first looked at the new schedules, I thought whoever designed the schedules obviously took no considerations for the graduate students and UR employees who live in the Towne House and Goler House. It’s just so inconvenient for us!! I have contacted Mr. Sicard of the Parking and Transportation Service on August 30, and filed a complaint on the RTS website the same day, but I haven’t heard anything from either one.

In your article, you mentioned that they are interested in riders’ inputs. Would you please let me know whom I should contact and expressmy concerns?

Thanks a lot.

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