The week between the end of finals and graduation is always marked by a significant amount of celebration, and is highly anticipated by seniors. Organized by the Senior Class Council, Senior Week includes a variety of affordable events and activities open to all students in the graduating class. Senior Week 2004 officially began on Saturday, May 8 with a trip to Six Flags Darien Lake. A local amusement park, Darien Lake features five world-class roller-coasters, including the Superman Ride of Steel, one of the tallest coasters in the region. Tickets for seniors were only 13 dollars, which is less than half the price of the standard adult admission to the park. Transportation to Darien Lake was provided for an additional two dollars, beginning at 10:15 a.m. Bus tickets were limited, however, and sold out a few days prior to the excursion. But, many seniors were able to make alternate arrangements to travel to the park. Despite the light rain and wind throughout the day, the turnout was quite large and students seemed to enjoy the attractions at the park. The first of the five Senior Nights scheduled for the week was also held on Saturday at the Alexander Street Pub. Beginning at 10:30 p.m., busses continually looped from the Information Technology Services Center until 2:30 a.m. Many students who were over 21 were not happy with paying a 1 dollar cover charge, but the bar received favorable reviews, especially the selection of drinks available. On Sunday, Senior Night was held at Rain, a nightclub on Monroe Avenue. This senior night was more crowded, because it was open to those over 19, not just those over 21. The bartenders were a bit slow at times, but reviews were favorable. There was an extremely large turnout of underclassmen, who had to pay a three-dollar cover charge, which made the small club seem even tighter. “I had a decent time at Rain,” freshman Sacha Rood said. “I was not very enthusiastic with the music selection at times, but over all it was alright.” While Alexander Street and Rain received positive reviews, the Senior Night held at Coolies on Monday night, also an under/over night, the small club was extremely crowded and very hot inside. What set the atmosphere apart from the previous evening was that the restrictions on underage drinking were strictly enforced. “The bouncers were on a big power trip,” sophomore Dan Nice said. “They thought they could do whatever they wanted.” Many complained that the bar was not conducive to the amount of students that came out. “It was horrible,” senior Kenan Warner said. “The bouncers literally pushed girls down.” The final two Senior Nights were held at Barfly on Tuesday, which included $2.50 domestic bottles and well drinks, and The Old Toad on Friday. Both were only open to those over 21 and received good turnouts. The highlight of the week seemed to be the Wine Tour on Tuesday, which included lunch and wine tasting at three wineries on Seneca Lake. Tickets were 20 dollars, and sold out extremely quickly. “The wine tour tickets went on sale on a Monday morning,” Common Market employee and sophomore Adrienne Best said. “By the time I worked 2 days later, it was the only Senior Week event sold out at that point-it had sold out by Wednesday.” Students not only toured the wineries, but had the opportunity to purchase wine at each, which many took advantage of. “They showed us three different places and they were very nice and scenic,” Warner said. “It was a little rushed, and the bus ride was long, but it was worth it.” On Wednesday, seniors enjoyed a free luncheon in Dandelion Square, which was nice and relaxing since the weather was warm and everyone was able to congregate outside. Later, students went to the Downstairs Cabaret for a showing of “Run for Your Wife,” at which a cash bar, cheese and crackers and desserts were available. Thursday marked the annual Senior Ball at the Rochester Institute of Technology Inn and Conference Center. Tickets were $30 at the Common Market and $35 at the door, and many students took this as an opportunity to celebrate in style. The ball featured a full open bar and hors d’oeuvres. Senior Week will conclude with a graduation rehearsal, showing of a senior movie, and a farewell concert on Saturday evening in Wilson Commons. The concert included the campus a capella groups as well as dance and performance groups. Overall, students were enthusiastic about the week’s events and turnout was high. “I enjoyed it a lot,” senior Scott Solomon said. “I think the activities have been fun.” With a week of partying and celebration behind them, seniors can now focus on Sunday’s commencement ceremonies. Sokol can be reached at

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