Too often when one discusses the role of women in western religions, common misconceptions, based upon the activities of extremists, take the place of more thoughtful discussion of a broad range of opinions. The Muslim Students’ Association will be hosting a panel discussion to try and dispel many of the myths. It will be in the Welles Brown Room this Monday. The speakers hope to dispel myths and invite students to participate in an interfaith discussion.The panel will consist of three speakers. Feyza Aktas, a junior, will be representing the Islamic perspective. Jennifer Gertman, a senior, will be presenting ideas from Judaism. Senior Alissa Miller is the third panelist and will be representing a Christian perspective – Catholic, specifically. The event was organized by Shaza Khan, a graduate student at the Warner School and the MSA historian. “I hope this panel will be able to illustrate the many ways in which the three Abrahamic religions are similar, while also highlighting the ways in which the traditions are unique,” Khan said. “Even in their uniqueness, though, I think the underlying principles are overwhelmingly similar and many people just don’t realize this.”All of the panelists believe that this panel will be a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about others’ traditions by asking questions in an academic setting. People are encouraged to come to the event and ask about any aspect of the religions.Each of the panelists will speak for 15 minutes and a 45 minute question and answer question will follow. Refreshments will be provided. The event is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m. in the Welles Brown Room and is expected to last until 9 p.m. Admission is free to all.Goldner can be reached at

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