Radiance Dance Theater will be performing their spring show “Let Me See You Dance” this Saturday in Strong Auditorium. What they bring to the show is great jazz, tap and lyrical dancing. Radiance has also sought to experiment with new styles of dancing.”Radiance has been beginning to incorporate a more diversified selection of dances into our show, including hip-hop and ballet, while still preserving the formal style of dance that Radiance was founded upon,” President of Radiance and senior Heather Weisner said.The musical selection reflects upon the increased role of experimentation within the group. “Our dance show will feature these styles of dance and several more that will be guaranteed to offer something that will interest everyone, including dances to songs by Britney Spears, Dolly Parton, Tina Turner and more,” Secretary of Radiance and sophomore Brittany Akins said.Perhaps the group is able to accomplish such radical changes in their style due to their dedicated work ethic and strong sense of camaraderie amongst the performers.”It is the high motivation to practice and the desire for perfection in dance that brings See RADIANCE, Page 18

the members of Radiance together. We are looking forward to delivering an awesome show that accentuates the drive of the group in gaining appreciation for dance and in piquing the interest of those interested in dancing,” Weisner said.”Our group is very close and we have all become great friends, going clubbing together and always spending time together outside of our rehearsals and performances,” Akins said.The performers of Radiance haven’t stopped short of excellence yet. This year they have had the distinct pleasure of being pivotal entities in such affairs as Meliora Weekend, UR Performing, D’Motions’ “Club D’Mo” and BPG’s “We’re Dancing.”The show itself should be quite intense for the people on the stage, but for those in the seats the experience should be relaxed yet exciting. The show has a way of putting everyone into the dancing mood.”My friends love coming to the show because they feel really happy afterwards and want to go out and dance,” said Stephanie Roberts, choreographer and webmaster for the group.Let Me See You Dance starts this Saturday, April 17th at 8 p.m. in Strong Auditorium. Better buy your tickets now, because good news travels fast. Buy them now at the Common Market or at the door, $4 for students and $5 for the general public.Goldner can be reached at bgoldner@campustimes.org.

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