My girlfriend is leaving this summer to get ready for graduate school. I am a junior and want to be supportive, but lately we have been getting in a lot of fights. My friends all say to dump her and have a free summer, but I don’t know. What should I do?~Fed-up in Fairchild

Dear Fed-up,Don’t fret just yet, there is still plenty of time to make your decision. You have probably been getting into a lot of fights because of the tension over her leaving and you staying. Whether this is conscious or unconscious, at times when we don’t know how to talk about things, arguing often seems the best mode of communication. Your friends are trying to be helpful, but it may not be what you want. This is not to say a free summer doesn’t have its perks, just that the decision you make should be your own.Long distance relationships are very difficult to maintain and require the dedication of both partners. Although your girlfriend may be too stressed right now to discuss the details, it may be helpful to ask her how she feels and what her goals are for your relationship. She may just surprise you, and even take some of the weight off of you.Also realize that it is not necessarily an absolute situation of staying together or breaking up. You may wish to find an in between of giving the relationship a trial time, or staying in contact but having the freedom to date other people.The bottomline, Fed-up, is that there are plenty of options and plenty of time. In the end, you will most likely find yourself constantly adjusting the relationship anyhow. Change in any relationship is a natural aspect of its growth.So relax, Fed-up, and enjoy the rest of the semester.Got a love and relationship question that’s literally, ummm… burning? Ask the Love Goddess herself, Robyn Tanner, at

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