Great Big Sea’s intense whirlwind touring schedule finally brings them to Rochester for a Saturday, April 3 show at Water Street Music Hall with special guests, The Push Stars.They are promoting their seventh album, “Something Beautiful,” which previously received high reviews in the Campus Times. They are known for their powerful live shows and their unique appeal to a variety of different audiences. GBS has built an enduring career and a strong fan base by keeping it simple and continually following their own musical path.This five-piece act, hailing from Newfoundland, captures a sound that few bands can compare to. By combining threads of their homeland’s traditional music with popular folk and pop, the band creates a sound that they describe as one the audience doesn’t necessarily hear, but one that it definitely feels. To experience the GBS phenomenon is to experience explosively joyful noises – a band that does all it can to refuse to limit itself.The Push Stars are a three- piece band based in Boston, who feature a radio-friendly sound filled with catchy and intelligent hooks and melodies. The band and their new album, “Paint the Town,” have received both popular and critical acclaim, which has gone a long way to cement their status as a band on the rise.Doors open an hour early for this 9 p.m. show, which is for ages 16 and up. Tickets cost $14 in advance and $17 at the door and are available at Aaron’s Alley, Record Archive and through TicketMaster. Allard can be reached at

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When it starts to smell like home

Yet, in random moments, when a smell catches me off guard with the memories it brings, I like to believe the things I feel then are things people feel when they are home.