This Friday, the Class of 2006 Council is sponsoring a bus trip to Canada, leaving at 7 p.m. that night and returning around 3:30 a.m. The price of this trip is only $1. Last semester, over fall break, a day-long trip to Toronto was sponsored by the Campus Activities Board with a slightly higher, but still incredibly low, price tag for students. On many university campuses, getting students off-campus at all is an accomplishment. Thanks to student organizations at UR, however, students are given chances to take a break in a different country.Niagara is a wonderful scenic location, not too far from here, and it is good that students will have the opportunity for a reasonable price to pay it a visit.More trips of this nature would be a welcome addition to Rochester weekend activities, and hopefully, if this one is successful, more activities of a similar sort will be planned.

Letter to the Editor: accusations of plagiarism against University professor

The pattern of plagiarism and misrepresentation does not suggest simply making a careless omission of a reference or two.

Rochester is not a dying city

A city cannot be dying if there are so many people who are pumping it with life.

Find X: Identifying humanity in “Homework, Horizons, and Hellscapes”

Underneath the graphs, hidden behind rational squares and plotted timelines, are thousands of unnamed voices, crying out from between x and y.