With dominating performances up and down the roster, the men’s tennis team left the match against Drew University victorious. A record of 0-4 before playing on Sunday was motivation enough to change that goose-egg to a one. Winning five out of six matches in the singles competition and two out of three matches in doubles, the Yellowjackets handily defeated Drew by a score of six to one, improving their record to 1-4.In the first game, junior Avinash Reddy was defeated by his counterpart from Drew in two sets. He lost the first set 6-4, but came back the second set and inched by with a score of 7-6. However, a 6-1 loss in the third set cost Reddy the match.Senior Dan Williford had a tight match. He won the first set by two games, with a score of 6-4. Williford lost the second game by four, but came back to overtake his opponent to win 7-5.In the third match, junior Partha Bhattacharya had a dominating game in which he swept in two sets. In the first set, Bhattacharya also took all six games to win the set. The second game was a little closer, but he won the set by two with a score of 6-4.Senior Colin Ryan followed suit with a sweep of his own in the fifth match. Two close sets of 6-4 and 6-3, respectively, propelled Ryan to victory in his match. Sophomore Josh Bruce-Black, playing in the fifth match, had a flawless performance. Not only did he sweep his match, but he swept both games as well, achieving victory with two 6-0 wins against his opponent.In the sixth game of singles competition, freshman Mike Lee won his first game by a score of 4-2 because his opponent retired from the match, thus guaranteeing victory for Lee. On to doubles matches, the Yellowjackets fared well, losing their first match, but coming back to win the next two. The team of Ryan and Williford lost to Drew’s top players 8-5.Reddy and Bhattacharya defeated their opponents by a score of 8-3 in their doubles match.In the last match, sophomore Eric Prince and junior Brian Shenker won 8-0.Bhattacharya accomplished the task of being the only UR player to win sets in both singles and doubles competition.The Yellowjackets next match is scheduled at 4 p.m. on March 25 at home against Nazareth College. Tice can be reached at ctice@campustimes.org.

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