Is world dominations something that keeps you lying awake at night, dreaming about the day that you will be the supreme leader, with the people of every nation of the world united behind you? Well if so then the Model United Nations Spring Conference 2004 might be a place where you can actualize this dream. The conference is scheduled to last from March 25 to March 27. The cost is $20 for non-UR students and $10 for UR students.The Model United Nations exists to simulate the proceedings of the real United Nations. To do this they have several scenarios set up with varying teams, each with their own best interests at heart, all competing for a finite set of resources.The Secretary General of UR’s Model Congress, Michael He, is extremely enthusiastic about this year’s Spring Conference. The conference consists of three days of deliberations that will surely feature many heated debates. Not to be outdone by any other Model U.N. He’s organization will be providing ample food and drink for all attendees. He has been involved in this process since a very early age.”It intrigued me back in the 7th grade because it was a place to discuss political issues and it gives you a better understanding how the political system works and how global leaders deal with social issues,” He said.He invites all to come and fight the good fight and to share thoughts and ideas with some like-minded individuals and maybe a couple who aren’t so like-minded.To register visit the URMUN website at can be reached at

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