The men’s basketball team was defeated by Keene State College Owls in the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Division III playoffs on Friday night by a score of 82 to 79. This is the second straight year the Yellowjackets were not able to make it past the Sweet Sixteen. Last year they lost to Amherst College 80-74.With around seven minutes to go in the first half of the game, the Owls went on a 15-0 run to bring the score to 29-14 in favor of them. They nailed two three pointers within a 31-second span to increase the lead they held over the Yellowjackets to 15. UR responded with a run of its own. In the next six minutes, the Yellowjackets managed to score 14 while limiting Keene State to just four points. They were able to bring the score to 33-28 with 1:43 left in the half. Just before the half ended, Keene State shifted the momentum that was in favor of the Yellowjackets with a dunk followed by a three-pointer for a lead of 40 to 30.”They were aggressive and they were hot,” Head Coach Mike Neer said in an interview with Director of Athletics and Recreation George VanderZwaag. “They hit their three-pointers and they out-rebounded us in the first half. I think the game was decided in the latter part of the first half.”The Yellowjackets made a valiant effort for a comeback in the second half. They were almost able to equalize the score, but the Owl defense would not give in. Junior Ryan Mee sunk a three-pointer with about ten minutes to go in the game to bring the score deficit to two. The Yellowjackets were pressuring the Owls but were only able to bring the score to 53-51. However, this close score didn’t last long. Keene State came back with a vengeance and hit a three-pointer, then a jump shot to boost the lead up to 58-51 with nine minutes to go in the game. The deficit wavered between seven and three for the rest of the game.Four players were able to score in double digits. Junior Seth Hauben had 21 points, shooting eight of 14 from the field, making five of six free throws and getting ten total rebounds. Coming in second for total points, senior Andy Larkin was flawless from the free throw line, shot five of six from the field and took in six rebounds for 15 points.Senior Makedo Wisseh had 14 points. He made seven of 13 field goals and had six total rebounds. Mee shot three for nine in the three point category, and grabbed two rebounds. Gabe Perez finished with a career high 13 assists.UR finished the season at 25-2.Tice can be reached at

Misogyny and bigotry plague the heavy music scene

Bands fronted by people of color, queer folk, and feminine-presenting people have always existed, but because their white, cisgender male counterparts overshadow them, they struggle to find and build a following and are often belittled for their musical skill.

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“That’s incredibly satisfying for me, to kind of dress bigger and a lot more feminine than I would normally and have people not recognize me even though I’m calling more attention to myself in my opinion,” she explained.