Next June, after 11 years, President Thomas Jackson will step down as president of the university. As a mark of his continued dedication, he will join the Department of Political Science as a professor after a year-long sabbatical. Jackson’s leadership has had very positive effects on this university that have benefited the entire UR community. It is our hope that the next president will do as much for us as he has.Indeed, Jackson has led this university to a larger endowment, increased alumni support, centralization and decentralization where they are best utilized and a more aesthetically appealing campus. Jackson’s Renaissance Plan, announced less than two years after Jackson’s tenure began, brought down undergraduate enrollment to improve academic quality and also increased merit-based aid for students. He has integrated the Colleges of Arts and Sciences as well as the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences into a single College of Arts, Sciences and Engineering.The Rochester curriculum, unique for its flexibility and freedom, is another Jackson innovation. The elimination of a core requirement of specific courses has undoubtedly made UR a more attractive school to students seeking academic freedom. Additionally, UR’s endowment has doubled during Jackson’s time as president, according to a recent press release. Yet many current students are unaware of many of the other important changes Jackson has implemented. He decentralized the university, giving more autonomy to each of the main parts of the university – the College, the Eastman School of Music, the Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development, the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration and the Medical Center.This decentralization notably it easier for students to contact administrators with their concerns and for administrators to more effectively coordinate activities in line with the university’s educational mission. The campus itself bears positive marks of Jackson’s presidency. Among such beneficial changes include the renovation of Rush Rhees Library, the renamed athletic center and the expansion of the Laboratory for Laser Energetics. Additionally, four new buildings were added, including the Dandelion Square, Gleason Hall at the Simon School and two new structures in the Medical Center. Jackson also fused Alumni Reunions with Family Weekend to create the current Meliora Weekend. Meliora Weekend has been a tremendous success, bringing in many alumni and parents to enjoy well-planned, interesting programs along with students. UR has been lucky to have a president as able and dedicated as Jackson. The many changes he effected during his tenure have had an indelibly positive impact on this university. We thank and wish President Jackson all the best.

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