Start HereStuck in Rochester for Spring Break? Travel plans bringing you back to school a few days early? There is one tried and true vacation that will adapt itself to your plans – the food run.Many students have one dish from home that calls to them, even far away in Rochester. Also, the places that serve these always seem to end up on the intinerary when bringing friends home.The food run is simply a trip dedicated to reaching that beautiful, tasty goal at the end. Whether it’s a taco or a chicken sandwich, it is worth all the effort of piling into a car and hitting the highway. Actually, that’s half the fun of the food.Here are some of the best that can be reached from Rochester.

Mighty TacoIn the Buffalo area, there is only one taco restaurant, and it doesn’t start with the word “taco.” Mighty Taco has been around for 30 years, but has only achieved cult status among recent generations. With 15 locations in Buffalo suburbs, it’s no doubt Mighty Taco has become a favorite among locals – many UR students make sure to stop there on their way back to school, to indulge in as much taco-goodness as they can before returning to ARAMARK. At $.99, the Mighty Taco – usually bought in bulk – is a good buy. For only $1.99, the nachos deluxe make a great snack. Mighty Taco also puts its own twist on the classic Mexican dessert empanadas for only $.59.

ChipotleAlthough not a regional chain, Chipotle is only available in select cities across the U.S – the closest being Cleveland, OH. Chipotle simplifies Mexican food by only offering a few choices with several interchangeable ingredients. There are several varieties of pork, chicken, beef and beans, combined with one of four varieties of salsa served either as a hard or soft-shell taco, burrito or in a bowl. All the food is filling, and prices average around $5 per item. Whatever you decide, you can’t leave Chipotle without trying their famous guacamole.

Anna’s TaqueriaIn the Boston area, there is only one place to get burritos and quesadillas. Anna’s Taqueria is a local chain of dirt cheap, greasy Mexican fast food joints – just the way they should be. Although it is called a taqueria, don’t be fooled – the tacos aren’t the best item on the menu. With quesadillas and burritos at $2.95 and the trademark Super Burrito at $3.75, you’ll have enough money to sample all three locations.

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