The men’s squash team put up a valiant effort but was unable to overcome the powerhouse that is the Trinity College squash team. Trinity, ranked number one in the nation according to the College Squash Association as of Feb. 15, shutout the Yellowjackets, ranked twenty-first, in eight matches on Saturday.”We didn’t expect to win, but it was a good learning experience for us,” senior David Easwaran said.Senior Pete Avitable lost the three games he played by scores of 3-9, 2-9 and 1-9.Easwaran lost 5-9 his first game, was shutout 0-9 his second game and was defeated 4-9 his last game. Junior Gen Izumida suffered loses of 6-9, 3-9 and 5-9.Senior Drew Chapman managed to score twice against his opponent the first game, losing 2-9, but was shutout the next two 0-9 and 0-9. Sophomore Max Benjamin was held scoreless. He was defeated in three matches by scores of 0-9, 0-9 and 0-9. Freshman Kelvin Ko lost 1-9, 0-9 and 1-9. Sophomore Jay Acharya dropped three games 8-10, 7-9 and 2-9. Junior Sunit Chaudhry was defeated in his matches 0-9, 0-9 and 0-9.The loss to Trinity the previous day didn’t agitate the team at all. They bounced back forcefully to triumph over St. Lawrence University 7-2 in their last home game of the season.Senior Allen Fitzsimmons won 9-4 and 9-2 in his first two games. He dropped his third game 5-9 but came back to finish his match with a win of 9-3.Easwaran went back and forth, taking his match to five games. His scores were 10-8, 3-9, 9-7, 6-9 and 9-4. Avitable lost his first game 8-10. Unphased by this loss, he took the next three 9-6, 9-4 and 9-2. Izumida was one of two squash players to win all games against SLU. He won 9-5, 9-3 and 9-0. Acharya also swept his match with scores of 9-7, 9-6 and 9-6. Chapman lost 1-9, 8-10 and 6-9. Sophomore Bill Ferzoco also lost 2-9, 0-9 and 3-9. Benjamin took the match to five games. He pulled through 10-9, 7-9, 9-3, 2-9 and 10-9. Ko won 3-9, 9-2, 9-6 and 9-3 and Chaudhry lost 0-9, 3-9 and 3-9.Looking forward to the postseason, the team has a chance to be at worst in twentieth if they beat Colby College, which is the highest they have been ranked. They finished the season at 9-12.Tice can be reached at

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