To: The Editor:

In an article in another Rochester newspaper, the Democrat and Chronicle on December 6th, 2003, there was a featured story on an organization known as The International College of Homeland Security.(ICHS). I am a reporter and did a story with the Director of that organization (as I do with many other credible educational facilities.) I was looking for work and gave them a bio- which they used before I was hired. I subsequently declined to be hired due to skeptical reasons. In that column, it stated that I was an instructor with ICHS. Please note that I have no affiliation with ICHS, no contact,am not an employee, have never signed any documents relating to hiring , am not a board member, have never been in a decision position with ICHS, and know nothing about its course contents. This is fact.

Please print this on the web-site addition and newsletter.

Randy RowettJournalist/BroadcasterConfidential address:1011 Upper Middle RoadSuite 1474Oakville, Ontario, CanadaL6H 5Z9 (905- 849-5639- confidential)

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