Michael Moschen is known as the father of dynamic manipulation, or contact juggling. Contact juggling involves the rolling of orbs and spheres along the body rather than the throwing and eventual catching of said orbs and spheres. This new art form is being claimed by many to be magical, instilling a sense of awe and amazement that “And 1” videos instill in the hearts of all people and basketball players.Nate Austin is a freshman on the juggling team. He told me that he had seen Moschen performa before and was planning to attend this Friday. “Moschen is awesome,” John Wilson said. He is also a freshman and a juggler and is planning on watching Moschen on Friday.Moschen has been associated with some of the leading circus arts performers of the times, including the Big Apple Circus, Fred Garbo and Bob Berky in the Obie Award-winning Foolsfire and Mr. Berky in the The Alchemedians Off-Broadway. The Cirque du Soleil hired him as an outside consultant to design and perform in acts for their Las Vegas show.A pillar of the circus world and a respected member of the art world, Moschen is traveling to Rochester this Friday, and will surely make students who see it start speaking like art critics for the San Francsisco Examiner, who said “Moschen is a juggler, a kind of dancer-physicist – someone who can bend and twist the visible world out of the norm through the sheer grace of his own movements.”Moschen’s demonstration will get you started on the path to understanding how to body juggle. After listening to this man speak you will be qualified to join the circus. Just think of how much money you’ll save on tuition each year.This once-in-a-lifetime event takes place tomorrow, Friday Feb. 20th at 7:30 p.m. in Spurrier studio on the River Campus. Tickets are $7 for students and $10 for the public and are on sale at the Common Market or at the door.Goldner can be reached at bgoldner@campustimes.org.

Respecting the earth we live on

We often forget to stop and take stock of what we are lucky to have here — both in terms of campus resources and the nature that surrounds us.

My love, cheesecake

I love you, cheesecake, and everything you are to me. 

Senior Spotlight: An Evening with Epiphany Adams

Her favorite teacher, taken from her best subject, told her words that would redirect her studies from psychology, to sciences, then back to psychology.