Do you often find members of your dinner party leaving after the first appetizer rather than bearing witness to your horrible eating habits? Is a fork merely a break in the road and a napkin a synonym for sleeve? Is the Environmental Protection Agency fining you large sums of money for your emission of dangerous gases into the atmosphere?If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you are not only a slob but a slob who owns a polluting textiles plant. Jodi Smith would like to help you not to be such a slovenly sloucher.Smith is a UR alumna who is the president of Mannersmith, which is an “etiquette consulting firm.” This Sunday she will be hosting an evening for students to learn “proper networking tools for both business and social situations.” Dinner will be served as Smith instructs the attendees on the proper dining etiquette.Dinner is scheduled for Sunday at 6 p.m. Tickets are now on sale at the Common Market for $8 and must be purchased by Friday.Goldner can be reached at

A reality in fiction: the problem of representation

Oftentimes, rather than embracing femininity as part of who they are, these characters only retain traditionally masculine traits.

Riseup with Riseman

“I decided to make one for fun — really poor quality — and I put it on my Instagram just to see how people would react," Riseman said.

Live updates: Wallis Hall sit-ins

Editor’s Note (5/4/24): This article is no longer being updated. For our most up to date coverage, look for articles…