In efforts to increase the amount of options offered to students, ARAMARK is offering a new sushi station in Wilson Commons, and increased vegetarian options at campus dining locations this semester. “This semester, the biggest things we’ve been doing are the addition of the sushi bar at Wilson and certainly an enhancement on our vegan and vegetarian options.” Director of ARAMARK Brad Bingaman said.The sushi station, which opened yesterday, will feature sushi prepared fresh daily at Wilson Commons, and available for purchase at Wilson Commons, the Corner Store, the Java City Cart at ITS, Hillside Caf and the Simon School Caf. Many students appear cautiously optimistic about the new station’s arrival.”I’m excited about it, I think it’s a cool idea,” junior Kelly McNamee said. “I’m going to wait before I try it, though.” “I would definitely try the sushi, but I’m worried about freshness and sanitation,” senior Pete Fabricant said.Others are ready to try the sushi, as long as it is not raw. “The stuff that I know is cooked I would try,” senior Jon Wong said.Others students, like senior Jack Schermeyer, were less certain about eating the sushi. “I’m not sure I’d try it here,” Schermeyer said.The station will be permanently located on the bottom level of Wilson Commons, to the left of the cash registers where the Java Cart was formerly located. The Java Cart is now situated next to the soups inside the Pit. Students will be able to pay for the sushi with declining balance, flex or cash. Students may be able to buy sushi using Club Meals at a later date, but the option is currently unavailable.URVEG is excited about the new offerings to vegetarians and vegans. All the dining centers on campus now, including Meliora, now provide extensive vegetarian menus.”In general, we’re really happy about the changes. We just want everyone to have options, and it’s great to have these new options available. Vegetarians can now eat at the Meliora, too.” President of UR VEG and sophmore Rebekka Puderbaugh said. “I love the Tofurkey and Silk yogurts, and now they’re getting soy cheese for the Pit [as well]” Puderbaugh said.A full list of Vegetarian and Vegan options available at each dining center can be found on UR VEG’s website, as well as on UR’s dining services webpage at The two pages link to each other, with all the options provided for each dining center listed, as well as information regarding what not to eat for Vegan students at UR. In on going changes occurring in the dining services on campus, new changes to the meal plans next semester may happen as well. “I’ve been trying to find out about some approvals for next semester in respect to meal plans, [but] they haven’t been approved yet.” Bingaman said. Farrell can be reached at

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