The construction that has been going on between Anderson hall and Wilder hall is a matter of routine repairs for steam pipes. “The heating system includes steam heating lines, and unfortunately they are very old and have to be repaired,” Logan Hazen, Director of ResLife explained. “Unfortunately, the system is so fragile that digging up one section causes damage in another,” Hazen said. The campus heating system is about 50 years old. “Unfortunately, [Regular repairs] are just part of the system in a climate like this,” Hazen continued. “You’ve got pipes under pressure decade after decade, they will break down.”The regular problems with the steam heating pipes are caused partially by the local weather. “It’s just part of the system in a climate like this,” Hazen said. But one of the few advantages of this heating system in Rochester’s climate is that when there is a problem, it is easy to detect. “Luckily, you can tell the pipes have burst when the snow on the ground melts.”

My love, cheesecake

I love you, cheesecake, and everything you are to me. 

Pyskaty/Bader-Gregory ticket wins SA presidency

Sophomore Daniel Pyskaty, former SA Senator and Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, will be next year’s SA President, succeeding…

Making stardom closer to reach with OBOC

In addition to acting, getting a start in directing with OBOC is made intentionally collaborative and easy to dip your toe into.