You’ve heard of March Madness? Well, the International Championship of Collegiate A cappella would like you to check out their own version of March Madness. This Friday is the Mid-Atlantic a cappella quarterfinals. Each round, six teams will be competing, and two will be selected to travel to the semifinals. The winner of each regional semifinal round travels to New York City to compete against five other teams for the honor and prestige of being named the national champions. This Saturday, the Midnight Ramblers will play host to a quarterfinal round featuring the Drew University’s group 36 Madison, Columbia University’s Clefhanger’s, SUNY Binghamton’s Rhythm Method, SUNY Albany’s Serendipity, Renassaler Polytechnic Institute’s Rusty Pipes and our very own Vocal Point. Each of these ensembles will be allotted twelve minutes to perform – failure to comply will result in a hostile removal from stage.In between the acts the Ramblers will be performing songs, skits and even giving out some awards. Ramblers classics such as “When she loved me” by Randy Newman, “Renegade” by Styx and an exciting new number, “Tribute,” by Tenacious D, will be performed. The competition in which the Ramblers competed in Delaware last year, awards the best soloist and other individual awards in addition to selecting two groups to advance. The Ramblers will be augmenting the program slightly by adding awards for the best scat in a foreign language and the best random choreography. Tension in the world of vocal performers is high as everyone tries to outstrip Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl halftime show. “Each group will try to outdo the last one,” commented junior Rambler Tom Kraus. “Quite honestly there could be some nudity.” In times in which nothing is certain one man offers solidarity. “An original Dan Israel song will open the show,” junior Dan Israel promised. The event starts at 8 p.m. at Strong Auditorium. Tickets are $7 for students, and $10 for the general public. They are on sale at the Common Market, or can be purchased at the door. The event is scheduled to last about two hours.Goldner can be reached at

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