Almost two years ago, the URTV club was initially formed. Due to circumstance, the club did not come to fruition, and Channel 18 remained mostly unutilized. A year later, the Campus Times ran an editorial wherin we suggested that there was much that could be done with the channel. Channel 18, which is included as part of the free cable package offered to students living on campus, still remains unused. This is unfortunate not only in that one of the few channels we get for free fails to entertain us, but also because there are an abundance of sources on campus for content. Indeed, student film projects, student-made television programs and even slideshows of student artwork could be aired on the channel. Students could create entirely new shows and student organizations could make public service announcements. This semester, luckily, marks the return of the URTV club, and we hope they will live up to the challenge of filling the void of Channel 18. URTV has the potential to create a source of entertainment to warm the wintry Rochester nights. However, no matter how dedicated the URTV club is, they have no hope of filling the channel with content on their own. That is why it is necessary for students to submit materials to the club. If you have any aspirations to be on television or any ideas for the channel, you can email the president of URTV, Dan Bromfield, at

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It is After Hours’ soloists that really make the EP, with voices from graduates I haven’t heard in years.

The Joker speaks

This sent me down a rabbit hole — how much force do you need to physically remove a male genitalia from the rest of the body?