I was wondering if you could help me. I am trying to confirm if Sugarland and Rose Polenzani performed a show on 11/19/03 at Wilson Commons at Noon? Also, was there any kind of write-up from your newspaper about the performance?

I checked the school calendar, and was unable to find them on the schedule for a show, but there is a website that says they were scheduled to perform there.

If there was a write-up of the show, could I please have a copy of it via email? Thanks for your kind assistance!


Find X: Identifying humanity in “Homework, Horizons, and Hellscapes”

Underneath the graphs, hidden behind rational squares and plotted timelines, are thousands of unnamed voices, crying out from between x and y. 

Acta, non verba

You bring the University value and add the dollar signs to the piece of paper they sell to thousands of families every year. Without you, this school is worthless. 

SDS protests field student support, concerns about administration

Last week, as the University ran its annual housing lottery for the upcoming year, SDS continued their protest on housing…