For the fourth year, some of Rochester’s best drag queens, and even some kings, will perform an excellent show on UR’s campus.

Although Rochester offers drag every week at Muther’s and Star Bar, UR’s twice-annual on-campus show is an entertaining way to enjoy drag with UR friends or with those who might not usually attend such a show.

Legendary queen Ambrosia Salad will host the show. Queens Ayssha Black, Pandora Boxx, Darienne Lake and Aggy Dune will also perform. The special drag king performances feature Clint Taurus and Pride King of the Year Windz.

This Saturday, Oct. 25 in Wilson Commons’ May Room, the show, presented by the Pride Network, begins at 8 p.m.

Tickets are on sale at the Common Market for $4 for UR students, $6 with a college ID and $8 for the general public.

One may also purchase tickets at the door before the show begins, depending on availability – to be safe, buy early, as tickets sell quickly.

Another recommendation – bring singles. Queens are compensated, but it is customary to tip the queens during their performances.

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