UR starts Meliora Press The University of Rochester Press has recently created a new imprint entitled Meliora Press, which will publish books that focus “on books with a specific UR connection which are of particular interest to the university and Rochester-area communties,” according to Editorial Director Timothy Madigan.

The first title is written by Professor Emeritus Edward Kinnen, who details the history of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in his book “Resonance: Electrical Engineering at the University of Rochester.”

“Meliora Press will serve a complementary role to our longer-standing activities at the University of Rochester Press,” Provost Emeritus and Chairman of the University of Rochester Press Board Brian Thompson said in a release. “While we will edit and produce these works with the same high level of quality, Meliora Press will be a ‘niche’ for topics primarily of university and local interest.”

The next project of Meliora Press will be to publish a biography of the late university faculty member and cardiologist Paul Yu, written by Professor of Medicine Jules Cohen.

Surge in SA club registration

SAO has registered 25 new student organizations since last spring.

The clubs which offer a variety of academic, athletic, political, cultural, and community service oriented activity.

According to Director of Wilson Commons and Student Activities Anne-Marie Algier, the boom of newly created clubs is uncommonly high.

“I think it could be due to people realizing how easy it is to form a new club,” SA President and senior Chris Calo said.

Although both the SAO and the SA are pleased with the level of student engagement, they are also concerned with the inevitable strain on the budget.

“It’s good that people are able to express their interests, but each interest will get less money,” Calo said.

“It would be nice if a lot of groups with similar interests could consolidate, but I’m sure they would say that they’re each different enough to have their own clubs.”

Resurfacing clubs supplement the creation of new clubs.

“It does create a strain on everyone at the SAO,” Calo admits.

An SA group has been to review club budgets and look into restructing the allocation of resources.

Reporting by Chadwick Schnee and Masha Chepovetsky.

Making stardom closer to reach with OBOC

In addition to acting, getting a start in directing with OBOC is made intentionally collaborative and easy to dip your toe into.

Letter to the Editor: accusations of plagiarism against University professor

The pattern of plagiarism and misrepresentation does not suggest simply making a careless omission of a reference or two.

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