Get your tickets, starting tonight, for admission to the Boar’s Head Dinner, one of UR’s oldest traditions. Although the event is not scheduled until Dec. 4, the dinner is among the most popular events of the year.

This year marks the 69th annual Boar’s Head dinner – the medieval-themed event celebrates the beginning of the holiday season and reminds us that another Rochester winter is on its way.

One can expect a lovely meal of soup, salads, Roast Pork Normandy, turkey and black forest cake. If you are a vegetarian, indicate so upon purchasing your ticket. Vegetarians can expect eggplant parmesan in lieu of the meat.

The a cappella groups Vocal Point and the Yellowjackets will sing and serve the meal and the Brass Quartet will also perform.

Tickets go on sale tonight at 9 p.m. in Douglass Dining Center for seniors and at 9:30 p.m. for all others.

Tickets cost $16 and can be paid for in declining, Club Meals, Flex and cash.

Arrive early as tickets have sold out within an hour in past years.

Yunis can be reached at

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