Those starved for culture in Rochester need not venture off campus. UR’s International Theater Program opens their fantastic production of “Triumph of Love” today at 8 p.m.

“The show is a mixture of comedy and tragedy,” Director Andrew Eggert said. “We’re doing it in a new translation with a lot of comtemporary jokes that are funny for our time.”

“Triumph of Love” is originally a French production and has been translated several times. Eggert translated the version that will be showing here.

“We’ve kept the original plot, but we’ve updated it in a way that is totally accessible to audiences now,” Eggert said.

“I’m really happy we’ve brought in three set designers from New York City and one from Atlanta,” he said.

Lighting and costume design are also done by teams from New York City. UR musicians will perform the music for the show, which is the original score.

There will be shows Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week and Oct. 22-25.

“Come see the show four times,” Eggert joked.

Tickets can be purchased at the Common Market or at the Todd Union Box Office.

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