Once again the UR Theater program has extended an invitation to a guest director in the hope that he will bring a fresh and unique perspective to the stage, and this year Andrew Eggert is up to the task. He will be filling the shoes of director as he presents his production entitled “The Triumph of Love.”

Yet, underneath Eggert’s slew of directorial talents lies an interesting background and personality.

Eggert is from Hensdale, Ill. He received his first taste of theater while he was in middle school. It was not until he reached high school however, that Eggert started to cultivate his specific talents under the guidance of his school’s directors. As their assistant, he learned skills and techniques that would form a basic foundation for his future theatrical works.

Eggert attended Yale University where he majored in English. Throughout his college career he kept close to the theater and lent his directorial talents to his school’s extracurricular theater program.

After graduating from Yale, Eggert spent a year in Germany. Upon his return, he received his first job at the Goodman Theater in Chicago. He was then also employed by the Chicago Opera Theater and the Glimmerglass House. It would be at Glimmerglass that Eggert would first hear of the opportunity to work as a guest director for the UR. And that is where Eggert is today, working here for the UR Theater program.

Not only is Eggert a man of many directorial talents, but also a man of many interests. He really enjoys “the different sides of things.”

He has a particular taste for curried foods, especially Indian cooking. Eggert truly enjoys cultural experiences. He has traveled to Germany, Italy and South Africa. He also speaks German, Italian and French. As for movies, Woody Allen productions are his preferred films, although his favorite release was “Talk to Her.”

For his directorial debut at UR, Eggert is definitely leaving his mark with the production “The Triumph of Love.” Adding a very unique touch, Andrew is including original music, which will be performed by a UR student quartet. Beyone his creative additions, Eggert believes the play itself offers him a great deal to work with.

He chose “The Triumph of Love” for its vivid character portrayal and tone mixture. Eggert also thinks that this play presents a very contemporary appeal despite its age. The timeless conflicts between the men and the women create “unexpected situations” that the audience will truly enjoy.

When asked why he believes students should attend “The Triumph of Love,” Eggert said, “I think they’ll be surprised and they’ll have a good time. It’s the type of show where you’ll see a variety of situations, you won’t be bored.”

And with such an interesting person leading the way behind the scenes, the UR audience definitely will not be bored. Eggert’s appreciation and enjoyment for his craft is clear and one can expect that every detail of “The Triumph of Love” will exude his artistic enthusiasm. “The Triumph of Love” will be playing at Todd Union beginning Oct. 14.

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