Maya Angelou has rescheduled her sold out speech at UR due to a family emergency. She is now scheduled to speak on Tuesday, Dec. 2 at 8 p.m. in the Palestra.

Angelou postponed her appearance because her son Guy Johnson, 59, required emergency medical surgery on the West Coast. She wanted to be with him before and after the operation.

Original tickets will be honored at the Dec. 2 speech. Those people with tickets who cannot attend the rescheduled speech can request a refund from the Student Activities Office, Wilson Commons 201. Refunds will be given out through Dec 1.

Angelou is famous for her writing and known to be a captivating speaker. In addition to speaking about her life, she will recite excerpts from her writings.

The Outside Speakers Committee is sponsoring Angelou’s appearance.

Reporting by Jeff Keesing.

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