Two suspects have been arrested on felony assault charges in connection with an assault on an undergraduate with a knife before 1 a.m. on Nov. 22.

Non-university affiliated suburban Monroe County residents James Kirchhoff, 20, and Ian Cavellier, 22, were taken in by Rochester Police Department officers and released on bail in the afternoon, according to Director of UR Security Walter Mauldin. The undergraduate is currently recovering in the care of brothers of the Delta Kappa Epsilon and only received “superficial injuries,” according to Associate Dean of Students in charge of discipline Matt Burns.

The incident occurred outside the DKE house on the Fraternity Quad.

“By all accounts, the response from the university and the house has been exemplary,” Burns said. “It probably had as good of an outcome as a stabbing could have.”

“[The suspects] came into the house, and proceeded to the kitchen area,” Mauldin said. “They were discovered by a brother eating food and creating somewhat of a disturbance.”

The individuals were then asked to leave the house, and were being escorted out of the house through the basement stairwell when one of the two stabbed an undergraduate with a 4-inch knife.

“[The students] certainly did nothing that warranted the [suspects’] actions,” Mauldin said.

The victim wrestled with the suspect to ground, but the second suspect picked up a tree branch and began hitting the victim, according to senior DKE President Scott VanValkenburg.

The student received several lacerations, one across his forehead, another in the upper arm and the third in the side for his stomach, according to Mauldin.

“During this intense period, the [victim] was able to do things to pin this guy down,” Mauldin said. “Seconds seemed like minutes.”

“The brother who aided the victim was able to get the knife out of the assailant’s hand as he was being held on the ground by the victim,” VanValkenburg said.

While the victim struggled with the suspect, a member of DKE notified a UR Security Officer who was on a routine patrol near Todd Union.

“Security officers had a very confusing situation,” Mauldin said. “Some stuff happened very quickly.”

As the officer approached the scene, students identified the suspect and the officer “put him to the ground,” Mauldin said.

Additional UR Security officers responded and handcuffed the two suspects within two minutes.

RPD officers took the suspects into custody.

The Medical Emergency Response Team, and paramedics responded to the incident.

The student was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital’s emergency department and determined that no vital organs had been punctured. Burns, Mauldin, Dean of Students Jody Asbury, Director of Greek Affairs Monica Miranda-Smalls and other administrators arrived at the hospital around 2 a.m.

Mauldin praises the students near the DKE house for not overreacting. “I give them credit for that,” he said.

“I am extremely proud and satisfied with the way that the DKEs who were involved in the incident handled it,” VanValkenburg said. “They displayed a great deal of character in helping out their brothers and also a good deal of restraint by not stooping to the level of the two assailants, and refraining from using more force than was necessary.”

“Given the potential confusion, students and officers did well,” Mauldin said.

“The victim is recovering,” VanValkenburg said.

“He is very grateful for the care that all DKE brothers offered in the days following the incident,” he said.

VanValkenburg also extended his appreciation to Miranda-Smalls and everyone else who have supported DKE in dealing with the incident.

The suspects’ next public appearance will be in front of the grand jury, which is still to be scheduled.

If you have any information regarding the suspects’ whereabouts earlier in the evening, please contact UR Security at x5-3333 or the RPD.

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