I was upset after reading the comic “Homotheism” in the last issue of the CT. I feel that the artist makes unfair and inappropriate assertations about my religious beliefs. AS a Catholic student, I think that it is my right to believe whatever I want. This includes my “traditional” religious views. I also maintain that other individuals, including my fellow students, have a right to their opinions. It is unfair and judgemental of me to impose my beliefs and values on others. I try my best to respect the beliefs of others, even when I believe that they are misguided. I am upset by the last publication of “Homotheism” because it does not show a respect for my beliefs. The author obviously does not understand the meaning of the Immaculate Conception or transubstantiation to me and other Catholic students. However, a misunderstanding does not give her the right to make rude jokes about it. I hope that in the future, other people will respect my religion and other values as much as I respect theirs. I invite students with questions about the Catholic Church, or any religion, to seek answers by asking someone questions about thier faith and religious beliefs. Another source of information is the Interfaith Chapel, where the chaplains and staff of the various religious communities on campus will be happy to answer questions. Erin Dunbar Co-President of the Catholic Newman Community Steering Committee

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