As a UR student, a full-time UR staff member, and the mother of a wonderful UR sophomore, I take umbrage to the outrageous attitudes of two of your columnists, Chris Voisine and Nick Delahanty, for their recent commentary regarding the downtrend of fraternity-related alcohol consumption. The consistent lack of responsible behavior on the part of some Greek organizations and some students are the causes of the recent trend, not the offense of the big bad University clamping down on students’ fun. Voisine’s ridiculous example, “backing your car out of your driveway is illegal, but police officers never actually ticket you for it…” is an ignorant misrepresentation of the facts regarding recent probations. Underage drinking is illegal no matter how you color it. UR almost lost a wonderful young man last year as a result of some dangerous Greek organized practices; his life and the lives of so many who love and care about him are still affected and forever changed. A look at last weekend’s MERT activity (reference Incidents of drinking raise concerns, found in the same issue as the Voisine/Delahanty diatribes) is only further evidence of irresponsibility on the part of some students, not irresponsibility by the administration. Parenting a UR student who has of course comsumed alcohol, but who also happens to be a PROUD member of this campus community and realizes earning an education here is a privilege and an opportunity that can make a true difference in life (his words, not mine); I am at a loss to understand why CT would give open forum to two columnists to trash the University they chose to attend simply over the fact that they can’t get as much free booze at the frats as they used to, and accordingly claim they are now unable to have any fun.

Delahanty’s stupefying claims that “the consumption of beer and fried foods are the main activities” in Rochester are simply offensive. If you and the five friends you mention who now want to leave UR have nothing to do “outside the dorm room on the weekend”, that’s just a sad reflection of your lot in life, not to mention, your own choice. You might consider the numerous amazing bands at Milestones and other venues, our Jazz festival, our top-notch theatre (GEVA), Garth Fagan and Winton Marsalis at the Eastman, a trip to Letchworth, great golf courses, beautiful parks, High Falls/Browns Race historic district, great biking trails, canoeing, horseback riding, skiing, ice skating, fishing and boating excursions, local sports venues, the Finger Lakes, several art galleries and museums, as well as our various other performing arts companies, to give but a few off-campus suggestions as legal alternatives to weekends full of only alcohol consumption. As for the campus, the college and the area itself, open your eyes. Snow? Go enjoy it; you might actually have FUN. Cold? The warmth of real community and friendship is just one of the experiences here that make this place special. Dreary? UR is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country and, in fact, happens to be a world-class arboretum. Misguided administration? UR is not only an institution having made historic contributions to the world (one only need look into the number and stature of Nobel winners from among UR ranks), but continues to nurture and develop some of the most beautiful young minds the world has to offer. I’m a bright woman; I’m fairly confident that perhaps a few UR students (far be it from me to lump all students in to one consensus of opinion, a practice exampled in the extreme by these two ‘writers’) are the type to think that the world owes them something; a living, social standing, a good time, and perhaps have not had to pay (or pave) their own way thus far in life. Nonetheless, I’m absolutely sure that a much larger portion of the UR student body count their blessings to have the opportunity to be here, have an appreciation for the caliber and contribution of the faculty and staff who work so hard to maintain and further develop the outstanding curriculum available here, and value the wide range of cultural, social, athletic, religious and community-related on-campus activities afforded them by their enrollment here. In short, one final comment and two suggestions. Likely Voisine and Delahanty’s parents have not had the pleasure of reading their deftly written articles; I can’t help but contemplate just how proud they might be if they’d had the opportunity. As for suggestions: First, CT should stick with writers that have something worthwhile to say (as opposed to those only interested in defaming authority because they miss massive quantities of free beer , and second, the aforementioned ‘journalists’ (and their reported equally complaining friends) should spare us their idle threats to go elsewhere; such departure would be their loss, not that of the University of Rochester. Moreover, they should not let the proverbial door knock them on the backside on the way out.

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