WRUR, UR’s radio station, has created a mutually beneficial relationship with local public radio station WXXI. This is a very good step for the university as a whole, as well as for students considering entering the broadcasting and engineering fields.

The university is able to provide a positive service and give back to the community. As the number two employer in Rochester, this is an important step in showing that we are more than just a source of monetary gain. Our support of public radio is also in line with virtues of any university – namely, the free flow of ideas and information in order to create a better informed public. Although WXXI has provided resources for WRUR, WRUR is still an independent station.

WXXI is providing public radio broadcasts during the 5 – 9 a.m. time slot, which does not interfere with WRUR’s operations, since otherwise it would just have dead air. This is important and both WRUR and WXXI must be applauded for such a mutually beneficial relationship. WXXI has not taken over the operation of WRUR, but has instead added more features to it.

More of these positive relationships should be sought out by the university. The effects of partnerships with Kodak and Xerox are obvious throughout the university. However, it is also important to build relationships with smaller businesses, especially those in the Rochester area, allowing students to view the full spectrum of job opportunities available.

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