If you’ve been waiting all summer for some top quality a capella entertainment, wait no further – the Yellowjackets first big concert is tomorrow.Dubbed “YTV,” this year’s Fall Dischord sports a pop culture theme which will add comedy skits, such as commercial parodies, to connect the musical performances. “There will be a bunch of crazy skits,” business manager and senior Ian Koff said.This event is also when the Yellowjackets will formally introduce their four new members – freshmen Jed Dinnerstein, Stephen Frank, Jacob Grantier and Brian Resnik. “They’re the best class of freshmen we’ve taken in a long time,” musical director and senior Dave Marvin said. If you’ve never been to a Yellowjackets concert before, you can expect to be amazed by great performances of current and classic tracks. The group has even hinted that one of their new tunes will be a Guster cover – chosen partially due to the hype following last week’s Guster concert. The Yellowjackets have been preparing for the show with practices almost every day since the start of the semester. They’ve also already performed for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and in various dormitories on the River Campus in hopes of sparking interest in their concert.Cornell’s Touchtones, a female a capella group, will be guest-starring at the show. Tickets to the 8 p.m. show are available for $5 at the Common Market or at the door. Be sure to grab them early to guarantee your seat. Also, don’t miss the additional entertainment following the concert – the Yellowjackets party at the Community Learning Center.Be ready for the Yellowjackets’ next performance – their annual Meliora Weekend alumni show – featuring generations of Yellowjacket alumni.Severs can be reached at asevers@campustimes.org.

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