The university, it would seem, is finally coming together. Credit it, perhaps, to a heightened interest from the administration, or creative programs from Chris Calo and the Students’ Association, but regardless of the source, UR is witnessing a campus-wide rekindling of interest, as students are flocking in numbers to everything from sporting events to late-night programming and on-campus activities.

Kudos should be offered to those involved in the effort to generate interest in Rochester’s athletics. Thanks to convenient bus loops and strategic marketing initiatives such as the “Yellow Fever” t-shirts, school spirit at sporting events is experiencing a noticeable upswing as students flock to matches, both home and away, to support the Yellowjackets. Though the football team lost last Saturday at St. John Fisher, the enthusiasm that was displayed by the Rochester community – at an away match, no less – should be commended.

Similarly, though the initial turnout has been lackluster and motives questionable, the SA’s new “Fashionably Late” programming offers students a heretofore unavailable opportunity to experience the nightlife offering of both UR and the city as a whole. From such simple events as magic shows in the May Room and ranging all the way to buses downtown for Milestones concerts, Fashionably Late has the potential to finally expose UR students to Rochester’s myriad of resources and events.

For those students not desiring to leave campus, the newly installed “Wilson Commons Wednesdays” provide a unique perspective as well as a fun and entertaining afternoon, featuring cultural themes with musicians and food.

As such, even more encouraging than just the programs themselves is the all-encompassing feeling that the UR administration is finally starting to take an active interest in their students and the city around them. UR has always been known as a school with a sound academic reputation. Now, finally, it can complement it with an engaging and enthusiastic athletics and activities.

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