The university is currently in the process of reviewing the rush process of the fraternities to possibly eliminate fall rush for good. This decision comes as sudden to fraternity members. Not yet three weeks into school, it was decreed that fall rush would be suspended.

There was no preparation time and no warning that this would go into effect. This is unfair on the part of administration, and it assumes that all fraternities are guilty before proven innocent.

Administration argues that a freshman should not be making a lifetime decision – choosing a fraternity – in the first few impressionable weeks of college. While this point is valid, administration must recognize the consequences to the various fraternities. Besides reducing the membership and monetary resources for the fall, having no freshmen fall semester limits new students’ access to social opportunities.

As a better course of action, the university should allow deferred rush to begin next year. Immediately placing this policy in effect this fall will not make a significant difference. Fraternities should go on with fall rush and initiate the changes next year, giving time for the individual fraternities to plan for changes in housing, budgets and membership.

The college must carefully consider their actions regarding the fraternities, and not act with undue harshness. Greek life makes up a large portion of students’ social life, an undeniable part of the college experience. Any changes made must be preceded with careful reflection, and must be enacted in fair time.

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