If you think D’motions performs more hip-hop than Compton and Ballet Performance Group offers more ladies in pink leotards than the Nutcracker, you may be intrigued by the Radiance Dance Theater, who as one member calls it “the perfect in-between.”

Radiance specializes in tap, jazz, lyrical and character/prop dances. For the first time in history Radiance Dance Theater is putting on two concerts in one year.

The group has overcome a litany of struggles this year, including the graduation of several performers from last year’s group. “We have been struggling to maintain membership, but the freshmen and sophomores have really stepped it up and remained to lead the group,” senior Karen Bobrow said.

Overcoming the struggle, however has made the experience for the Radiance dancers more fulfilling and is the main theme of the spring’s performance. “The program is entitled “defiance,” because every song is centered around strength and power,” Bobrow said.

Two RDT members who have particularly overcome tough times are sophomore co-chairs Sue Plaino and Sara Heximers. “They have done a great job leading us, despite their young age and inexperience,” Bobrow said.

You don’t need to display the dancing skills of Britney Spears either to join Radiance Dance Theater.”The kind of members we seek are simply students who love to dance – whether beginner or advanced, technically-trained to amateur, sleek and graceful to fiery and strong,” Bobrow explained.

RDT is also very cooperative with the other two dance groups, depite the competiveness between them. “I helped out at the D’motions show, I went to the BPG show, and I know that they will do that for us,” Bobrow said.

The Radiance Dance Theater’s spring show will be held Friday night at Strong Auditorium at 8 p.m. Tickets are $4 per UR student and $5 for the general public. They can purchased either at the Common Market or at the door on Friday evening.

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