With the arrival of the Dance Dance Revolution machine to UR came a revitalized interest in the arcade area of Wilson Commons, an area which previously remained empty on an almost continual basis. Students are now spending time in the arcade even when not on the machine, and administrators should take advantage of this prime opportunity for improvement.

Though the idea of turning the Hive into a pub did not work, turning it into a game room would. This would also cut down on the distracting noises from the DDR game, which filters down into the Pit while students attempt to enjoy their meals.

A common complaint about Wilson Commons is how it is underutilized as a building, not fulfilling its role as a center of student life. With students finally choosing to hang out in an area other than the coffee shop on the ground floor, action should be taken to capture the success of the DDR machine.

What is now the arcade could easily be turned into a lounge, with couches and possibly a TV from the Hive, encouraging students to remain there. It is more sensible to move the arcade games into a more structured room such as the Hive, which at present is rarely used, and the pool tables should be kept, essentially changing it back to a rec room.

Perhaps this would increase attendance at the Hive, and improve on the ever-present goal of attracting people to spend time there. This is a short-term project and would require little expenditure on the school’s part. It is simply a matter of a more sensible approach to logistics and layout of the building.

The popularity of the video game came as an unexpected success, and capitalizing and expanding on this success could mean the difference in Wilson Commons remaining what it is now or becoming a place students want to be.

If UR is to attract students into spending more time at Wilson Commons and less time in their dorm rooms, this is an easy and feasible first step to creating that desired atmosphere.

An open letter to all members of any university community

I strongly oppose the proposed divestment resolution. This resolution is nothing more than another ugly manifestation of antisemitism at the University.

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