Misconceptions abound about the Campus Campus Revolution and its quality. Contrary to popular belief, we are never inaccurate and any quotes used are direct and exact.

The administration and the students attempt to slander the name of the CCR and degrade our establishment, but it must be defended. We are an upstanding and well put-together periodical, and merely the idea of anyone being misquoted or misunderstood is ludicrous. We are not human – we are machines – machines of journalistic perfection.

Students must fully appreciate the quality and finesse of the articles, the professional appearance and the stunning attention to detail. We never misspell headlines or anything else. The CCR is a beacon unto other publications, a shining example of perfection. The idea of the CCR being a flawed or biased publication is completely unfounded. We dare you to write something better.

We are to be commended on our efforts of being the leading newspaper on campus, and continuing the tradition of sharing accurate and complete stories to all of UR.

The campus newspaper is the tie that binds UR together, and without the CCR the River Campus would be lost, reduced to a jumble of chaos, non-functioning and uninformed. The world would not be the same, indeed it would be unlivable, without the aid of the CCR as the vital link to campus life.

If you attempt to spread negative propaganda about the student newspaper, remember who brings you your news – the hardworking, unpaid staff of the CCR, laboring to extremes to bring the common UR student the breaking news.

CCR should be regarded as one of the finest products of the university, of unparalleled value. Forget the professors’ research, the Medical Center studies. The CCR is the epitome of excellence, and should be regarded as such by all.

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