As students begin to choose their housing for next year, the housing of some has already been decided. Residence Assistants, D’Lions and Freshmen Fellows have already been placed in their halls for next year.

Becoming a D’Lion is no trivial task. It involves a written application, an interview and rigorous selection and placement process by current D’Lions. In addition, there is a training course, and D’Lions need to be at school before freshman orientation begins. The D’Lion program is moving into its third year of housing D’Lions with freshmen.

“I wanted to be an RA, and I felt that being a D’Lion would prepare me well for potentially being an RA,” sophomore and D’Lion Steve Leg said. He continues, “As for the job itself, I found it very rewarding, in that my residents could always come to be with a concern or for advice, or just to come hang out.” A D’Lion is meant not only to help freshmen move in, but also to serve as someone close to their age who has been at college for at least a year, and with whom they would feel comfortable talking.With regards to living on a freshman floor for two years in a row Lega said, “I didn’t feel out of place being a sophomore on a freshman floor.” However, some people are not so excited about the D’Lion program. A D’Lion in the coming school year, however, was more enthusiastic.

“I just want to give back to the freshmen the support that my D’Lions gave me freshman year,” Korey Witt, a new D’Lion said. Although you can no longer apply to be a D’Lion this year, Lega “definitely recommend[s] exploring the opportunity to become a D’Lion for all interested.”

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