I am ashamed to be in Rochester right now. Protests have raged on even as American and British troops fight in Iraq. People spout off how they are doing this BECAUSE they are Americans, and that they have read the First Amednment and know what they’re doing is legal. No one is arguing about whether they CAN protest, but if they SHOULD protest. US troops would die for the people who are protesting, essentially, against them. It’s time for people to stand up, be an American, and support the men and women that are fighting on our behalf.

Gaza solidarity encampment: Live updates

The Campus Times is live tracking the Gaza solidarity encampment on Wilson Quad and the administrative response to it. Read our updates here.

Notes by Nadia: The myth of summer vacation

Summer vacation is no longer a vacation.

Furries on UR campus?

A few months ago, as I did my daily walk to class through the tunnels to escape the February cold,…