Offered through the Office of Special Programs, summer courses are available to any student for four, six or 12 week sessions.

Most departments have summer courses for students to take, with more than 100 courses open, and everything from introduction to higher level course options to choose from.

Students can put the courses toward their major, or take courses they would not normally be able to take during the semester periods.

“Students use the courses to either catch up or get ahead, or if [students] want to try a different class in a different area,” Publicity and Publications Coordinator for the Office of Special Programs Matthew Rieck said.

Classes are condensed, and are more intense than normal semester-length classes, with some courses meeting five days a week for more than 2 hours. “We have to take a 14-week semester and boil it down to a six week period,” Rieck said.”The quality [of the course] is the same — they’re just time-shortened.”

Students will be housed in Anderson or Wilder Towers this year and registration is similar to regular semester registration.

Classes are also small, and students are able to get individual attention in the summer courses, with classes usually having approximately 15 students.

Anyone from the community is also able to partake, provided they meet the prerequisites for the class, if any. The summer bulletin with course offerings is currently available, and students can register for the summer beginning April 1. Reporting by Kerri Linden.

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