Nationally known comedian Margaret Cho canceled her April 2 show because she has an April 1 show in Chicago, according to her agent.The show, which was sponsored by the Campus Activities Board, had already attracted many students.

“I was looking forward to going,” sophomore Ethan Craig said. “I’m not even a big fan but it would have been cool to see her.”

For ticket refunds, go to the Student Activities office with your ticket.

Latin Honors cutoffs announced by Dean of The College William GreenLatin Honors cutoffs for the Arts and Sciences degrees were announced on Feb. 12 from the Dean of The College’s office.

Summa cum laude will now be cutoff at 3.96, magna cum laude at 3.79 and cum laude at 3.55.

In order to obtain the honors, students must have a minimum of 88 credits and also must have completed all their courses.

Cutoffs only apply to this year’s class.

Possible budget cuts considered by Cabinet treasuryNew Students’ Association Appropriation Committee treasurer Carolyn Kaminski will, along with the remaining business managers, be considering budget cuts.

“The business managers met last night and discussed how to form the budget, how to put it together, and how to lay it out,” Kaminski said.

“Controllers meet with business managers to compare the budget to last year’s. Then they have until early March to be finalized.”

Although the budget due next week is only the beginning, the steps that the managers take now may ultimately affect Students’ Association groups and their ensuing programs for next semester.

Kaminski is unsure yet whether cuts will be made in SA funding although many organizations are requesting for funds.

Reporting by Robyn Tanner, Taylor Yunis, and Chadwick Schnee.

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