Here it stands on the brink of destruction. Well, not really — they will probably put something worse in the place of the pub.

Talk has been flung around about closing the on-campus pub, the Hive, because of lack of student use. Now don’t get me wrong — I’m not holding my breath for Friday to get here just so I can gather with friends and go get piss drunk and rowdy all night at the Hive — that’s what off-campus bars are for.

But I would definitely say that the Hive is a good thing — a mainly untapped resource that could be a lot cooler if students wanted it to be.

I think what we have here is a failure to communicate. There is plenty of talent on this campus to make every Thursday, “Student Music Night,” a decent time. I think the problem is that people don’t know that they can play. Well, you can. You just have to contact Joel “Poose” Thompson, the head of the something-or-other committee at

You can be a lone acoustic guitar player, a group of punk rockers, a jazz quartet, an opera singer, metal head or a Phish tribute band. Whatever, it’s all good. Anyone with a show that will last an hour can play. Did I mention you get paid? It’s not a lot but it’s enough to buy some beer or a new wardrobe at Salvos.

Last Thursday, “Delivery Boy” played the Hive. Now these guys are taking advantage of this place. They’ve played the Hive two or three times, at least, and their show is getting tighter every time they play. The Hive had around 120 people — give or take — for their last show. The place was full and excited to see the show.

Jon Lee, dB’s frontman, said of the pub, “If you eliminate places like the Hive, you limit the opportunities that students have to both play and listen to music on campus.”

That same weekend, 50 or so students gathered to watch the NBA All-Star game. They got free wings and other food.

The Hive committee also has ideas for future possible events such as “Student Film Night” where student-made films would be shown. Also, it is possible that they would have a weekly cultural dance series. Good stuff, but it can’t happen if it closes.

Definite upcoming events include the Celtic rock band “Enter the Haggis” on March 20th for a little post-St. Pattie’s Day show, student bands every Thursday with Chum Gun this Thursday and other random events that you can keep track of online. Maybe they should start sending e-mail notices.

Anyway, I have a point. That point is that I, personally, couldn’t care less what you do with the Hive. I’ll be gone before they close it, so I’m going to use it while it’s open. You should get your music together and play there. And you should play on the Fraternity Quad after that. Live music good. I’m done.

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