Senior nights revolve around alcohol. Regardless of whether students rushed the bus, regardless of whether students urinated on the bus and regardless of whether students were engaging in sexual acts while riding the bus, inappropriate actions took place. The bottom line is that alcohol is not an excuse for misconduct and that people need to take responsibility for their own actions.While it is not the fault of students that there weren’t enough seats on the bus, that does not absolve them of being decent human beings.Alcohol is simply not a reason or an excuse to act without any regard to the welfare of those around you.While students were at fault for acting irresponsibly, the Senior Class Council is not without blame. Planning an over/under senior night at a facility that serves alcohol is asking for trouble, especially when there is woefully inadequate transportation. If the Senior Class Council continues to plan events where alcohol is the centerpiece, only those legally able to drink should be allowed to attend.This said, the Senior Class Council has taken positive steps towards preventing future senior night problems. Running a bus after the location has closed and calling taxis will help eliminate some of the chaos created by a limited number of seats. Canceling the next senior night also gives them time to address problems.Additionally, a Senior Class Council member should be designated as the night’s director and should oversee all of the senior night activities. Still, this does not change the fact that students are responsible for their own actions.

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