The Grassroots Organization will hold “Coalition for the Environment” Friday in Wilson Commons 122 at 1 p.m. to unveil a newly formed coalition between their organization and facilities. They plan to discuss plans for improved environmentally-friendly policy at UR.

“We will be presenting major projects and goals, and trying to bring together all factions of the university,” freshman and Grassroots member Andrew Hall said. They hope also to spur changes improving environmental efficiency at UR. Committees have been formed for recycling and composting, two issues members most urgently feel need to be addressed.

“We want to get everyone involved,” Grassroot’s Publicity Chair junior Audrey Stewart said.

Grassroots members will be discussing future plans for other committees. Facilities, as well as Dining and Building Management will be involved in the coalition, and it will serve to open communications with administrators as well as make their goals known to the public.

Faculty and administrators are encouraged to attend, and students also can attend in support of the group. They hope to set up goals and present ideas for additional committees. They also hope this first coalition will be the start of continuing relationships with administrators and the campus as a whole.

If students are interested in joining the Grassroots organization, regular meetings are 8:30 p.m. Wednesday nights in Wilson Commons Room 122.

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