It’s the middle of the school year as well as the halfway mark for senior Lonny Mallach’s SA Presidency. His term will come to a close in June. According to Mallach, a lot has been achieved, but there is a lot still to accomplish before the end of the school year.

“In this first semester, under Lonny’s direction, there have been multiple projects initiated as well as implemented,” senior and SA Chief-of-Staff Emily Faber said.

The donate-a-block program, the creation of the DVD library, and the refinement of the printing system comprise a few of his projects. According to Mallach, $4,000 worth of food was donated through the Wednesday night program.

Furthermore, the DVD library includes approximately 1,000 titles and continues to expand.

Mallach, his cabinet, and the senate were busy dealing with the school’s decision to charge for printing as well. “Lonny jointly working with the senate led the charge in meeting with all the key players and coming to an equitable resolution. He is very professional in his dealing and tries to keep the lines of communication open,” Director of Student Activities Anne-Marie Algier said.

As of now, everyone will receive the first 125 pages free. After that, students can use either their Flex accounts or the credit system to pay for printing, in which students pay at the end of the term. “The 125 pages is a starting point, not an ending point, and is subject to change next semester,” Mallach said.

Sophomore and SA Senator Tom Hayes applauds his efforts. “Lonny in his term as student body president has embodied what student government is about to the fullest extent. He has put his time and his effort forward with the intention of making this school a better place for the students,” Hayes said.

According to Freshman Class President Michael Guerra, several other projects are also in store for the upcoming months. “Lonny’s cabinet is working on transportation issues, a Multicultural Festival of some kind, and expanding the Corner Store this semester. Those are just a few of the many ideas that are floating around the Cabinet,” Guerra said. Mallach is pushing for an improved transportation system to get off-campus.

The Culture Fest would consist of performances from various ethnic clubs around campus as well as dinner of an ethnic variety. It is currently planned for late March.

Other issues include getting a security camera to watch over the footbridge, placing public access computers in Wilson Commons’ lounge areas, and purchasing a second wedge to be based at Wilson Commons. A wedge is a Flex machine which student organizations must book months in advance to use. At present, there is just one wedge available and is currently based in the Susan B. Anthony Residence Halls.

As SA President, Mallach acts as a go-between for UR administration and UR students. According to Dean of Students Jody Asbury, Mallach’s ideas and suggestions are well thought-out and researched. “I have respect for anyone who’s done their homework and he does,” Asbury said. “He’s taught me a lot.”

Mallach and Asbury meet regularly and engage in continual information-sharing about issues that need to be dealt with.

Mallach helped Asbury form judicial committees and subcommittees by suggesting members from the Senate, who have already been elected to represent the student body.

Their job is to review security procedures and policies as well as All-Campus Judicial Council policies. “In general the admin-istration’s very receptive and easy to work with,” Mallach said.

Mallach’s cabinet also praises his accomplishments. “Lonny has really put a ton of effort into his presidency. He is constantly at one meeting or another working on something and is always looking for issues that need to be dealt with,” sophomore and cabinet member Meghan Schubmehl said.

Student opinion concerning Mallach’s presidency ranges from indifferent to positive. “I know who he is, but I have no idea what he’s done,” sophomore Mike Kirkwood said.

Sophomore Stephanie Doan felt differently in respect to his efforts. “I know that he was really influential in the Pub and is working to expand the Corner Store. Everyone I know who knows him thinks he’s doing a great job.”

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