Officials evacuated the 13-story Goler Dormitory on Crittenden Boulevard Tuesday as a fire developed in an interior first-floor dumpster, the Democrat and Chronicle reports.

The paper reports that the fire sent smoke into many of the building’s floors.

Three people needed treatment for non-life threatening smoke inhalation.

The building’s sprinkler system reportedly suppressed the fire.

Lt. Dan McBride of the Rochester Fire Department said that the fire was under control within a half hour, the paper said.

Security was unavailable late Wednesday for comment.

Groups raise awareness for sexual assault

Joining together several groups in an effort to end sexual abuse against women, Wednesday was Sexual Assault Awareness Day.

The day featured events and tables to inform students. Organizers handed out buttons saying “RAPE is not another four letter word.”

The events were organized by the SA-funded Women’s Caucus, the Sigma Psi Zeta sorority and the Pan-Hellenic Council.

“Sexual Assault Awareness Day was held to bring attention to issues surrounding violence against women,” Women’s Caucus Publicity Chair Emily Feldman said.

Among the day’s events were a self-defense workshop in the Havens Lounge and a vigil in the Hirst Lounge.

“I think it was successful in bringing attention to the issue of violence against women on this campus,” Feldman said.

Various groups host special week on environmental toxins

A number of speakers and films are among the events held this week to promote knowledge about the hazards of toxins in the environment.

Grassroots, UR’s chapter of Amnesty International and Students for Social Justice sponsored the events, said UR public relations.

The week featured Great Lakes United’s Maria Maybee who spoke on Monday, Nov. 18 on pollution in the Great Lakes and the 1999 film, “Drumbeat for Mother Earth.”

Also featured was Medical Center professor and Chair of the Department of Environmental Medicine Thomas A. Gasiewicz. He spoke on how the body is affected by toxins.

Hartnett Gallery to feature “gender art”

Cristin Millett, an artist from University Park, Pa., is the feature of a new installation at the Hartnett Gallery in Wilson Commons. The show opened Monday.

According to the university’s PR publication, Currents, Millett’s show, “The Transparency of Knowledge,” features works depicting female anatomy and reproduction. Her pieces are intended to reflect the history of gynecology.

Millett is an assistant professor of art at Pennsylvania State University. Her pieces are based on her research on culture’s evolving views on female anatomy, the publication says.

The artist has studied in Italy and presented shows around the world. The show features many sculptures including foundry and metalsmithing.

Admission to the gallery is free.

Reporting by Dan Bobkoff.

UR Baseball beats Hamilton and RIT

Yellowjackets baseball beat Hamilton College on Tuesday and RIT on Friday to the scores of 11–4 and 7–4, respectively.

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