Campus-wide events add much to life at UR.

Awards are bestowed, speeches given and goals set at these particular junctures of every academic year.

To the college student, however, these events bring a special treat ? the prospect of better, or even free food.

Recall the lines of hungry people at the Convocation Picnic just two weeks ago ? those paying no attention to the actual event came and waited patiently for the free lunch.

Meliora Weekend is definitely the ultimate opportunity to exploit this colunary resource.

Dozens of events all boasting refreshments or entire catered meals abound this weekend.

But how does one sort out all the great events without grub from those exemplary activities that please the pallet?

Just follow this specially ordered schedule organizing Meliora Weekend in the way relevent to you, the starving UR student.

‘Proof’ in town

The 2001 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning play, “Proof,” will be opening in Rochester next week. This unique off-Broadway drama centers around the life of Catherine, the daughter of a brilliant but unstable mathematician.

After her father’s death, a ground-breaking proof is found among his notes and Catherine is thrown into a heated debate about its authorship. Even more disturbing for Catherine is her father’s legacy of genious and madness that she may have inherited.

Flashbacks of Catherine’s life with her father and conversations with her sister and close friends provide a deep plot and lend life to complex characters. Showgoers can expect a thought provoking and entertaining delight.

‘West Side Story’

The off Broadway classic, “West Side Story,” comes to Rochester this week and brings all the talent expected for a professional performance.

Written by Jerome Robbins and Leonard Bernstein, the play is a modern rendition of Romeo and Juliet set amid New York’s gang wars. The performance tells of the doomed love between Tony, one of the Jets, and Maria, the sister of one of the Sharks. With the two gangs at war, their relationship unfolds in the tradition of Shakespeare’s tragedy.

With its creative narrative, memorable musical score, and phenomonal dance choreography, “West Side Story,” is not to be missed. Get your tickets early for a performance this weekend.

Hoobastank at RIT

With hit songs like “Run Away” and “Crawling in the Dark,” Hoobastank has quickly grown in popularity.

This weekend, the band will be coming to RIT for a concert that is sure to be great for any fan of the alternative/rock genre.

The band’s origins lie in Agoura Hills, California, where vocalist Doug Robb met guitarist Dan Estrin at a high school battle of the bands. Soon after, Hoobastank was born.

Their music is diverse, with some tracks having a style much like Incubus, and others having Van Halen style harmonies and riffs.

Although Meliora Weekend activities will dominate most students’ Friday night, those looking to get off campus should head over to RIT for what looks to be a great show.

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