The Crime Prevention Office, the organization behind the “Think Safe” publications around campus, is sponsoring a drawing for a Club steering wheel lock.

There will be one drawing per week for the remainder of the semester.

“A lot of students and employees drive cars to work and school and it’s recognized that auxiliary locking devices do deter thieves,” Bob Bennett of UR Security said.

Entry forms are available at the Wilson Commons Information Desk on Level 3. The form can be dropped off there or mailed to the Student Activities Office.

Those interested may call x52220 for more information.

“What better way is there to promote the use of these tools than letting somone have the ability to use one,” Bennett said.

UHS to hold immunization clinic today

College campuses, as closed environments, are breeding grounds for pathogens. With so many people in close contact, one’s chance of getting a bug is considerably higher.

In response, University Health Services offers a one-day immunization clinic. UHS will offer immunizations for influenza and the rare, but deadly disease, meningitis, which tends to affect college campuses more commonly than the rest of the country.

The clinic will be held today in the Friel Lounge of Susan B. Anthony Residence Halls unril 7 p.m.

The cost of the flu vaccine is $20 and the meningitis vaccine is $85. Faculty and students can pay for the clinic by credit card or students may opt to put the charge on their tuition bill.

UHS says that students living in residence halls are particularly encouraged to get the meningitis vaccine, and the Centers for Disease Control recommends the flu vaccine for all college students.

WebCT seminar to be held in Rush Rhees

Web Course Tools, known to many as WebCT, is gaining rapid use and popularity at the university. As a result, the Education Technology Center is offering a demonstration of the software Tuesday, Nov. 19 at noon.

The seminar will last an hour and will be held in Rush Rhees Library room G-113, according to UR public relations’ Currents publication.

WebCT is used by many departments and classes to post course information and for students to consult with one another out of class. As a pilot program last year, the program continues to develop and expand.

Reporting by Dan Bobkoff and Todd Hildebrandt.

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