You paid a lot of money to come here, so now you figure you’d better show up to class most days and get your money’s worth. But what if you accidentally oversleep? How are you supposed to get your money’s worth for that day?

Well, a little known secret about the UR ID card is that it actually functions as a discount card. You can use it to save money on anything from hotel rooms to DJ services.

If you go to the above website, you can find a detailed list of all of the available bargains.

“I didn’t know that [you can use your ID to get discounts],” freshman Erika Bailey said. “They need to advertise more.”

So now you know that if you want to rent a car, take it through the car wash and then drive it to Hershey Park, you can get a discount on all of those things. You can even get money off your admission to the Magic Kingdom in Disney World if Pennsylvania doesn’t thrill you enough.

But you don’t have to travel to appreciate the hidden benefits of your UR ID card ? you can use it to find plenty of bargains here in Rochester.

If you want to make the most of the remaining nice weather, use your discount for miniature golf. If you want to take in a movie, don’t pay full price ? you can get cheaper tickets at a lot of the movie theaters around, from Tinseltown and the Regal Cinemas to offbeat theaters like the Dryden Theater and the Little Theatre.

Present your ID card at amusement parks around the state and you can get significantly cheaper tickets. Six Flags Darien Lake is still open on the weekends. You can get almost $10 off your admission there by showing them your card.

Why not go with a bunch of people and then use all the money you save to buy something cool, like a four hour music and light show from Island Jake Music Services? You can get $50 off by showing Island Jake your UR ID.

Some of the discounts are seasonal. “I’ve used it when I went snowboarding,” Sean Barnes, a junior, said. “I like free money.”

Several cell phone providers will give you a discount with your UR ID. Try Cingular or Sprint PCS.

And if you’re living off-campus, check out the discounts on security systems and cleaning services.

If you really feel like owning a shirt that says “Budweiser,” you can get 10 percent off by using your Anheuser-Busch discount. One thing you can’t save money on by using your UR ID is an Anheuser-Busch beverage.

That’s okay, though ? if you’re thirsty, you can always use your card at the Pit.

Here are a few of the discounts you can get just by using your UR ID card. Even if it’s only a few dollars, why pay the higher price when you don’t have to?

? Regal Cinema – $7.00 – $5.00? Putt-Putt Golf – $5.99 – $3.25? Canada’s Wonderland – $32.42-$25.00? Enchanted Forest, Old Forge -$21.95 – $16.00? Choice Hotels – 10% off rates? Universal Studios – discount card? Memorial Art Gallery ? 1/2 price membership for first year, free admission? Employee Printing Services ? 40% discount, invitations and Christmas cards? Allied Van Lines ? preferred customer status? Alamo, Hertz and National Car Rental ? discount card

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